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  • Featured on

    It's always nice to get press, but it's especially nice when that press is coming from ExpressionEngine! A screenshot of the homepage of our very own Flourish Web Design site is being prominently displayed at the top of ExpressionEngine's Overview page, right under the headline "The Web Professional's Choice".

  • Recognized as Best Web Design Provider

    We're happy to tell everyone that has been awarded and recommended as a Best Web Design provider by and these are the words of recognition directly from them: "Flourish Web Design has been awarded and recommended as a top rated web design and development provider by Web Hosting Search who provide some of the best webhosting reviews on the internet."

  • Explaining Budgets to Clients

    Budget can be a touchy subject to bring up with clients when you’re first going over the details of a project and discussing the possibility of working together. As the developer, you want to know how much the client has to spend as early as possible so you know whether or not working with them is feasible and profitable in the first place, and also the scope of what you will be able to achieve with their (necessarily) limited budget. The client, however may be unwilling or unable to divulge this information for a couple of reasons. As ethical developers it’s important that we respect those reasons and help to educate the client about what options they have.

  • We’ve Upgraded Our Server

    November was a big month for us traffic-wise, and we only expect things to get busier as we release more sites and they get more publicity. Our MediaTemple (gs) was performing fine at first, but the amount of traffic we have been receiving has been taxing our server resources, especially the MySQL databases. In light of this we've purchased a MediaTemple (dv), or dedicated virtual server, and are in the process of migrating all of our sites over during the month of December.

  • Dunnellon Historical Society Site Launches

    If you've been on some of the Web’s most popular design and CSS galleries, like CSS Drive, CSS Mania or The Best Designs, you’re likely to see the site we built for the Greater Dunnellon Historical Society featured prominently.

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